The Pinot Noir

It’s finally done. The watercolor painting that took months to complete. I painted this piece for my parents. It was a gift for their 40th Anniversary, my Dad’s 70th birthday and my Mom’s 65 birthday, all of which occur within a two-week period. They had been after me for years to paint them something. I decided back in May that I would do this painting for them.

Grapes and wine are an integral part of my family’s culture. I remember my father building a cantina when I was about four years old and the smell of fermenting grapes, the sweet taste of pure grape juice and the ubiquitous fruit flies  throughout our home every fall. My father planted Pinot Noir on his vineyard nearly 20 years ago. He still makes wine every fall, but not as much. They received this painting last week and were really thrilled. They were anxious to hang it up so all their friends could see it. It’s a nice feeling when someone appreciates and enjoys a finished piece of work. As for future projects, grapes will not be in them.



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