Cherry Tomatoes in a Basket

Pencil Drawing Cherry Tomatoes

The subject

Tis the season…tomato season, that is. I found this image in a President’s Choice magazine. The photo was crisp and vibrant, showcasing a spectrum of values that I couldn’t resist dabbling in a little pencil on paper action. I had completed this months ago, but don’t know why I never posted it. Oh well, here it is now,  just in time to coincide with the garden bounties. Its been a remarkable season for Tomatoes. I was in Montreal over the weekend visiting my cousin who is an avid gardener. She sent me home with a nice basket of her home-grown red beauties. Taste great on their own, in a sandwich or sliced up with a little olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. Cherry Tomatoes just don’t last in this house. As soon as they’re ripe enough on the vine, my kids pop them in their mouths. Hardly see any of them!


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