Rhododendron is Done

The Rhododendron, April 13, 2012

I’ve finally finished it. There was a reason I go to art class; instructors know what’s missing and how to make it work. Thursdays evenings  are my favourite time of the week. Its my time to hang out with other people interested in the same things, to zone out, listen to music, chit-chat, get some and give some helpful feedback.

Michael was quick to point out what was missing from my painting, specifically, the colour of the leaves. I was struggling with making them the right shade and the more sap green I mixed with yellow ochre, the worse it looked. I was missing cadmium red, the red that is in the petals of the flower. The same red that I used in the white petals (very faintly). It’s the complimentary tone that helped to finish off the painting and remove the muted look to more vibrant greens. I am happy with this work, it’s not perfect, but I think I’m progressing well.

In an effort to learn more about botanicals, I picked up a great book this week called “Edible & Medicinal Plants of Canada“. I had no idea that Rhododendrons were poisonous. I don’t think many people would try to eat the leaves and flowers of most plants, but still it was interesting to learn this little tidbit.

Homework this week is all about colour matching and leaves. A major component of realistic painting and botanicals is colour theory and knowing how to match the colours exactly. I’m looking forward to this assignment, I even splurged a little today and picked up some “Artist” quality Da Vinci paint at Curry’s Art Store. I’d like to see what the difference is between artist and student quality paint. One big difference is price and variety of colour available.


4 thoughts on “Rhododendron is Done

    • Thank you Monica for your nomination. I’m very new to blogging and will do my best to nominate blogs for a Liebster Award too. I appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

  1. It is truly lovely. What an accomplishment. I am sure it feels good to have the project done but not leaving it undone. It is beautiful.

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