The Rhododendron: A Slow Process

I’m struggling. I’m finding it hard to maintain focus and patience as I work on this project. There’s no pressure to have this work finished for the start of our next set of painting classes, yet I feel like I have to prove it to myself, my instructor and my classmates, that I can continue my work independently. That I can find the time and discipline to work on this alone without direction. But it’s so hard. Its taken me nearly 10 hours just to get this far. And I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that I can’t seem to match the green of the leaves perfectly. I slipped back into old habits too, I applied a wash on the bigger leaves instead of painstakingly dry brushing it. I don’t even want to attempt the white petals. This is a very slow process.

More than once I’ve been tempted to start all over again because I’m so annoyed with the colours. They just aren’t right. I’ve also noticed that the painting takes on different shades depending on what kind of light I’m working with. My desk is set up in front of large windows that provide an excellent source of natural light. However, in the evening, when I do most of my work, the light coming from the lamp, just isn’t enough or the right hue. I don’t know what it is, but the light in our evening class just seems brighter.

I’ve included some photos of my work so far. I plan to get some more done this evening and will add more photos for the next stage of my painting.