The Orange Lilies

Lilies aren’t my favourite flowers. Although, I found them easy to grow. I opted for this last project mainly because I wanted to play around with the bold colours of cadmium red, cadmium yellow, sap green and raw sienna. Until recently, most of my work involved a lot of payne’s grey, burnt sienna, and some ultramarine. The majority of my paintings were water landscapes with lots of washes. No great deal of detail required. If I made a mistake, I just quickly added more water to wash it away.

The lilies took about 12 hours to complete. The hardest part were the stamens. When I transferred my sketch with transfer paper (carbon paper), I applied too much pressure which resulted in dark lines showing through the paint. You will notice that the stamens are a bit more pronounced than in the original. I tried erasing the carbon lines, which did work somewhat, although some of the paper began to rub away as well. I’m so glad I wasn’t using hot pressed paper.

The original (subject matter)

I still don’t know who the original artist was. If you know, drop me a line.

Again, this was dry brushing, layering on light strokes of paint and a bit of glazing. Still trying to wrap my head around glazing. It’s the process of adding a thin amount of paint to the dry areas work in order to enhance the colours in the painting. I glazed the red parts of the petals with a mix of ultramarine, cadmium red, sap green and payne’s grey. It was such a thin amount of paint that I wasn’t sure if it would do anything, but I followed Michael’s instructions and viola! Once it dried, the petals were noticeably more vibrant.


4 thoughts on “The Orange Lilies

  1. Having only done a few classes and limited painting and certainly not this kind, I am awed by how wonderful you are doing. Bonney

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