Drawing and Painting Again, Finally

Okay, so I’ve decided to start documenting the projects I work on so to keep me focused. Putting it out there means, I’ll have more motivation to finish.

In January, I discovered Michael Spillane’s studio and classes, just a few blocks from where I live. Wow! how handy is that? Now there really aren’t any more excuses, its only a 10 minute walk away. Michael was more than accommodating to allow me to attend his Thursday night drawing class and work on my watercolour. Mind you, you can’t really paint anything realistic unless you can draw first, these classes are helping me to hone my drawing skills, that I haven’t done anything with for about 20 years, as well as strengthen my painting skills. The first thing Michael had me work on was drawing a barn scene. At first, the image seemed pretty easy to copy, it’s just a barn, some bushes and a couple of other buildings. But right away, I realized, I forgot how to draw perspectives. I forgot about angles. It took me many attempts to recreate the image.

Next week it was recreate the image in watercolour. A sepia painting just using burnt umber and payne’s grey. Using transparent paper and transfer paper, I carefully traced the sketch out on to watercolour paper and then started painting, but unlike the typical, wet on wet, this was learning how to paint with very little paint and water on the brush to develop the various shades.

I was pretty proud of this painting, being the first real painting I’d done in about 10 years.

It brought back my confidence and I started to consider what other things I could do.

After this project, I had a homework piece to work on, the eye, which you see at the beginning of this post.

I really enjoyed this project. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I completed it in about 3 hours. Another step to strengthening my confidence in drawing and painting.

The next projects however, started to become more challenging.


4 thoughts on “Drawing and Painting Again, Finally

    • Alex it is so wonderful to see you enjoy your art work again. We have yours to us in our living room over our fireplace. Love it

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